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Residential real estate

Must-have for every new building project. Your construction project is staged as a photorealistic architectural visualization. Stand out from the competition with our visualizations and receive high-quality and emotional visualization even before the start of construction. We have the right product for your successful marketing.

Außen Visualsieung
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Michael Oberlechner
Riederimmo / Riederbau

“The visualizations support our success in sales significantly. A successful cooperation with MIVISO can also be seen in our project on Kugelwandweg/Walchsee. 10 of the 16 apartments were sold just 5 weeks after the start of sales. This project was then completely sold out 1.5 months before the start of construction.”

Innen Visualsierung
3d miviso alpin style architektur rendering architectural visualization visualisierung


Choose from our predefined furnishing styles and save time and money. Simply choose a style and we will customize the furnishings to suit your property.



Yvonne Siam
Gorilla Immobilien

“The predefined furnishing styles from Miviso help us to achieve convincing results quickly and efficiently. The styles, which are specially tailored to different target groups, are lovingly and harmoniously combined. The price-performance ratio is definitely unbeatable.”


High-quality materials, elegant shapes and valuable furnishing elements define the "Contemporary" style. Ideal for large apartments such as penthouses and properties in the luxury segment. ​ Simplicity and elegance characterize the first appearance.

Suitable for:
Quality Real Estate | Demanding customers | Great Real Estate | Town & Country | couples | Singles | Vacation Rentals | investment object



Natural materials combined with high-quality furnishing elements and linear shapes describe the alpine style.

Suitable for:
High-quality real estate with a special charm | Bright Real Estate | Town & Country | couples | Familys



Der "Scandinavian Style" ist inspiriert vom nordischen Einrichtungsstil. Dieser Stil soll vor allem eine heimelige "Wohlfühl"-Stimmung erzeugen. Dazu werden natürliche Materialien wie Holz und Stoffe verwendet.

Leichte Farbakzente im Pastelltonbereich runden den Stil stimmig ab. 

Geeignet für:
Immobilien mit familiärem Charakter | Stadt & Land | Paare | Familien | Singles


Der "ECO Style" ist mit Sicherheit der zeitgemäßeste Einrichtungsstil in unserem Repertoire.  Viele Pflanzenelemente kombiniert mit natürlichen Materialien wie Holz, Stoff und Naturstein zeichnen diesen Stil aus. 

Natürliche Farbakzente, wie Beige, Braun und Grün, runden den Stil zu einem harmonischen Gesamtbild ab.

Geeignet für:
Immobilien mit besonderen Raumkonfigurationen |  Helle Immobilien | Stadt Immobilien
Singles | Paare | Junge Zielgruppe



Der Fresh Style wirkt leicht und freundlich. Lässt besonders kleinere Apartments relativ großzügig erscheinen. 

Helle Farben mit frischen Farbakzenten geben dem Stil das gewisse Etwas. 

Geeignet für:
Immobilien | Stadt und Land | Paare | Singles | Junge Zielgruppe

360 Grad Tor
miviso 3d visualisierung rendering rieder immobilien architekturvisualisierung österreich


Erstellen Sie eine 360-Grad-Panorama-Tour Ihrer kompletten Immobilie oder eines einzelnen Zimmers. Lassen Sie Ihre Kunden Ihr Objekt erleben – egal ob Neubau oder sanierungsbedürftige Immobilien. Aus Fotos werden mitreißende, interaktive Umgebungen. Worauf warten Sie noch?


Bernhard Wellenzohn
Wellenzohn Immobilien

Die 360° Touren von Miviso sind leicht zu bedienen und geben unseren Kunden einen realistischen Eindruck Ihrer zukünftigen Immobilie. Ob Smartphone, Tablet oder PC, die virtuellen Begehungen funktionieren auf allen Geräten einwandfrei und fördern die Attraktivität unserer Objekte.

Architekturvisualisierung Wohnhaus Rendering 3d Visualisierung Außen3.jpg


From now on everything will be different!

Experience your property before construction even begins. Miviso lets you create virtual tours for your new construction projects. Your customers no longer have to buy a pig in a poke. You can get an idea, move freely in the apartment or house and be enthusiastic about it. This not only leads to satisfied customers, but also increases the potential price of your property.

3D Grundriss
1641-GR Seeresisdenz A7.jpg


You draw the floor plan. We bring it to life. Black and white plans become professional image material for digital and print.

Floor plan with style

You have a wide range of options for furnishing the individual rooms. The layout of your house or apartment must inspire. That's why we tailor the look to your target group. With professional floor plans, we can quickly create a real sales argument for you. With a bird's-eye view, we draw in the mind an idea of ​​the finished property that will sell it at the best price.



With animation videos, reach on social media is guaranteed. 3D visualization in video format generates more attention for your project.

Attention guaranteed

Anyone who acts more on their social media channels has the trump card of all architectural visualizations in their hands with an animated video. Several customer examples have shown that reach of more than 50,000 views is realistic.